Ball Mill Diaphragm

Our production equipemnt

We have a number of 3m-10m diameter hobbing machines; a variety of submerged arc welding machines; heat treatment electric furnaces, CNC vertical lathe, CNC lathe, and other processing equipment. We also have a complete detection system of mechanical performance testing, impact testing machine, UT, MT flaw detection equipment

Our service

We can manufacture ball mill diaphragms according to customer drawings or provide on-site measurements at the customer’s factory. We offer the following services:

1. Provide high-quality wear-resistant lining plates.

2. Consultation services for material selection based on specific operating conditions to achieve a longer lifespan for the lining plates.

3. Consultation services for improving mill output and fineness.

4. Provide OEM/ODM services to customers.

Our ball mill diaphragm processing

The production process can be generally divided into the following steps: production of wood mold, modeling, melting pouring, heat preservation, pit clearance, heat treatment, rough processing, finish processing, inspection, and delivery.

Our technology advantages

  • Stable performance and long service life.
  • Uniform material classification.
  • Control of material and airflow velocity inside the ball mill.

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