About Us


We are pleased to introduce as the ASHOKA MACHINE TOOLS INTERNATIONAL. which grew from a small machine shop established in 1975, with concentration in manufacturing of open gearing and machining job work, into a multi-functional group of companies expanding its manufacturing range to a wide variety of core heavy duty industrial equipment such as Ball Mills, Vertical Shaft and Rotary Kilns, Sponge Iron Plant and Stone Crushers, material handling equipment such as Bucket Elevators, Screw and Belt conveyors, Air slides, Fabricated storage, Hoppers & Tanks, Spare parts such as large diameter gear, Gear reducers, Pinion Shaft, Bull Rings, Rollers, Kiln Tyres, Trunion Bearing and a number of customized Cast/Forged components.

We undertake our production activities in an around New Delhi (India) and spread into three self sufficient manufacturing units covering approximately 12,000 sq. Yards of manufacturing area. Ashoka Machine Tools International Pvt. Ltd. comprises of a dedicated and talented term of over 200 skilled personnel.

Clientele and Countries of Supply:

We are at present catering to various industrial sector including Cement Plants, Sugar Mills, Fertilizer Plants, Steel Plants, Steel Rolling and Processing Plants, Chemical Processing Plants, Paper Industry, Rubber Industry, Construction Industry and a number of Original Equipment Manufacturers Domestically and Internationally.

ASHOKA MACHINE TOOLS INTERNATIONAL has emerged as a growing exporter with 25% of its annual throughput being supplied to the foreign markets. The countries where our products are supplied to are USA, UK, South Africa, Nigeria, Sudan, Kenya, Iran, Oman, Dubai, Kuwait and Bangladesh.

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