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2nd Mate Exam in UK

A 2nd(second) mate Exam in UK is for the next in command of a merchant vessel after the first mate. He is also called as second officer. He reports to the captain of the ship. He is a certified office on board who is in charge of the ship’s navigation. He looks after the navigational equipment and publications. Although he is not expected to do deck work, but may be called to do when required. His duties include:

  1. Sea watch
  2. Navigation and in charge of navigational equipment
  3. Traffic management
  4. Emergencies
  5. Cargo handling
  6. Controlling ship operations

Various countries offer courses to people who are interested in becoming a second mate in a vessel. The UK is an ideal place to get the training and license on second mate. The Second Mate training course in UK involves the following subjects:

    • Celestial, terrestrial, electronic, and coastal navigation:
      These techniques are used to fix a ship’s position on a navigational chart. The second mate considers the effects of winds, tides, currents, and estimated speed and then gives the appropriate navigational direction to the helmsman. The purpose of the 2nd mate exam in UK trains him for ship clearing of any potential hazards.
    • Traffic management:
      These techniques teach students on how to prevent collisions at sea and move safely among other vessels. There are various tools to judge information about prominent objects in the vicinity such as the range, bearing, course, speed, time and distance of the closest point of approach, course and speed changes.
    • Cargo handling:
      After clearing the 2nd mate exam in uk The 2nd mate learns how to oversee the loading, stowage, securing, and unloading of cargoes.
    • Controlling ship operations:
      The 2nd mate learns how to keep the ship safe and secure during fire and loss of stability. The course teaches how to maintain the safety of the people on board, while abandoning the ship, and during medical emergencies. He learns what to do in case of flooding and loss of buoyancy. There are also lessons on fire fighting and how to prepare for those emergencies.


2nd Mate Exam in UK
2nd Mate Exam in UK
2nd Mate Exam in UK
Second Mate Exam in UK
2nd Mate Exam in UK

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